Monday, January 26, 2009

Light Therapy Give-Away

Do you struggle w/acne or aging issues? Okay, let's be honest, who doesn't deal w/these issues in their household? Well, I just found a great website and they are having a give a-way for a hand-held light therapy unit, Baby Quasar and Baby Blue Quasar. This give-away includes both the red(anti-aging) and blue (acne)units and together they retail for over $700!
As a Master Esthetician, I am here to say, this is a HUGE must have!!! If you love your skin, you need to link to this site and register to win! Click here to enter
Or you can click on the Sweet Life in the Valley button to link to the site! Good luck! If you have any questions on light therapy and how it can help you, please let me know, I'd love to help! Hurry and enter, deadline is Jan 29th! Anyone can enter!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter Sun!

Winter Sun! Did you pack away your sun screen with the swimsuits and beach bag? Well drag it back out! What most people don't know is that the sun in the winter is actually more damaging to the skin than the sun in the summer. One main reason's reflective.
Sun Fact #2:
50% of the sun we receive is through glass(i.e.driving in your car/working in your office by the window). Also, skin damage due to sun exposure is cumulative. Think of all those years doing simple things like; going to class, the supermarket, picking up the kids from school, it all counts and it all adds up!
Sun Fact #3
90% of aging and wrinkles come from sun damage. Ouch, okay so that means all those years of slathering myself w/baby oil and going to the beach have now returned to bite me in the butt or more appropriately in the face(and chest and hands and so on and so on)! I'm not saying we can never leave our homes again, we just need to protect ourselves...even in January!!!
My Solution

My very, very, very, favorite sunscreen for the face is Ayur-Medic Tinted SPF 30! Reasons I love this sunscreen: It doesn't feel or smell like sunscreen. It has a tint that works with most skin tones. I apply it after moisturizing and I don't need to use any foundation. Only a light dusting of my favorite mineral make-up. My skin looks natural, it evens out my skin tone and most importantly, it protects my skin from (even more) premature aging due to UV light! If you have sensitive skin, it won't cause you to break out.
I recommend it to all my clients and once they try it, they are hooked!!!

Ayur-Medic Products are developed by two plastic surgeons located in Westlake Village, CA. If you now are thinking this is a product you can't live w/ can email me at, I sell it for $26+ shipping or you can order from, it is $34+shipping

If you already have skin damage from the sun or age spots...have a professional give you a microdermabrasion or chemical peel to help reverse aging and keep it from getting worse. But remember after receiving one of these treatments, it is even more important to use sunblock! If you live near me and want to schedule an me at!!!
January Skin Special...Four-Layer Face Lift Facial $25 reg $40