Monday, March 14, 2011

Dr. Amen--Change Your Brain, Change Your Body!!!

One of my favorite shows is going to air on KUED on Tues, March 15th at 7pm (channel7)!!!

Some of you may have heard me talk about Dr. Amen, his approach to food and how it affects our brain and our body! He is amazing...he makes me work harder at eating better. It is because of him that I am "trying" to break my sugar addiction!!! It's soooo hard. Whenever he is one, I watch it again, I need all the motivation I can get.

If you have time, I strongly encourage you to watch it, or at least record it on your dvr/tivo and watch it later!!! It's so good! I'd really hate to see what my brain looks like right now. Sunday is our "make a yummy dessert day", we made chocolate cupcakes with mint filling and chocolate frosting...I ate too many!!! If you do watch it, let me know what you think.

Right now, I'm reading "The China Study", a client recommended it to me....I post more on that later....but very eye-opening....this one may be a life-changer!!!

Update on Olay Brush.... I'm still loving my Olay cleansing brush, but a word of warning, proceed w/caution. I was using my cleansing brush 1-2 times a day...can you say "overboard"??? Well after a week, my skin is showing the effects of too much of a good thing. My skin is very flaky and dry, so I would recommend only using 2-3 times a week....

Since then I've given myself a 50% Lactic/Kojic peel, so I will take at least a week off and then start again!!!

If you have questions before buying your own Olay Cleansing Brush, feel free to email me!!

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Cleansing Brush...I like it!

I have to admit, I've always wanted to purchase a Clarisonic Cleansing Brush...but I've had a hard time getting over the $195+ price tag.


Well, recently I noticed that Olay launched a cleansing brush of their own...only $30 and available at Walgreeen, Walmart, etc. At first I was skeptical....would it cleanse as well as the pricier version??? I also, had to get over my aversion of OTC products. As a trained and licensed Master Esthetician, I am a big believer in professional products vs. products sold in the big box stores!!!

So I did a little research...and then decided to buy...I saved my receipt and will submit w/my taxes, I consider it research so I can inform my clients on whether they should spend their $30 or save for the big-bang product.

Click on review if you want to read one of the reviews I found online.

Here's what I found....I like it....really like it! My skin feels, softer and less dry. It's a great exfoliator. My skincare products seem to penetrate better and maybe it's hopeful thinking, but I'm sure my skin is much more glowy!!! It has 2 speeds, I use the slower speed under my husband thinks the faster speed is too iritating for his skin, but he's not as tough as most women. (One year I told him for his bday I was giving him a rejuvenating facial laser treatment....oh yah, that's a story for another day!!!!) The biggest difference between Olay and Clarisonic is that Olay only spins in 1 direction, where Clarisonic rotates in either direction. The Olay cleansing brush did come w/an exfoliating cleansing scrub...but I have only used it with my favorite products...Image! Also, I just keep it on the ledge in my shower....I makes me excited to cleanse my face!!! Gotta love that!

Final Decision....Like It!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I made a "Shoe Connection"!!!

The Runner's Corner in Orem may have saved me! One day I had an after lunch appt cancel, so with an extra long lunch in my favor, I decided to drop by "The Runner's Corner, something I've been meaning to do for several months and hadn't taken the time to do. I was a little intimidated at first, the store really looked like a place for pro-runners, I definitely did not belong here. I met the owner, Hawk, a super nice guy...explained my (old woman) foot issues to him and after spending an hour with him, he had me outfitted w/some new shoes!!! He had me run for him...of course at first I was, run, outside, in my skinny jeans, people might see me...but I got over myself and I ran. I must of tried out 10 different types of running shoes...learned that for my problem, I had to lace/tie them a special way and even though I'm a size 6 1/2 shoe...I needed a size 8 running shoe!!! That also freaked me out! As the typical woman, I always have issues with numbers....whether they are on the scale, on calories listed, on clothes and yes, I guess shoes, call me crazy. Again, I got over myself and now I am running in a SIZE 8!

I found a few shoes that would work for me...but some of them were to crazy for my conservative self. Hawk said that finding the right pair of running shoes is like finding a mate. At the end of my hour of trying on shoes, running in them, I finally found my mate...they are actually the shoes pictured at the start of my blog. I want to give Hawk a HUGE thanks for all the time/energy he spent with me, he was the best. I never felt as though he was out for a sale, but only there to help me!!! I was so impressed and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for the PERFECT MATE shoes!!! I have actually taken my new shoes to the indoor track a few times far....we're a match!!!

p.s. Hawk, next time, I'm going for the neon pink!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011's a love/hate thing!

As most of you know, my 1st choice of exercise is lounging by the pool reading a book, but since that doesn't really count as exercise I guess I'd have to choose running. It's easy, pretty inexpensive, no special equipment is needed and I can get it done without going to a gym (I always been an anti-gym gal). Since I live in Utah, I usually take a BIG break on the exercise thing from the end of fall until Spring arrives. I know, pretty whimpy! Especially since last year there was not spring, basically winter until the 11th of June! But this year, I found out that our local rec center only charges $.50 to use the indoor's actually a pretty nice track and it doesn't stink, so I'm not counting it as a gym. So I starting running again the last week of Feb...that is really early in the season for me!!! Luckily, I have several clients that are "real runners" and give me all kinds of motivating advice and make me want to be a "real runner". That's why my 1st book on my current reading list is, "Born to Run", so far, it's pretty good.

My biggest challenge with running....I have a bad foot, and it can be very painful for me to run. I even had considered giving up running this year and to start biking, but then I would have to do the expensive equipment thing.... but last week I may have found my answer to fixing my foot pain!!

Have I got your interest yet....I'll post more soon on my new hero(s)!!!