Thursday, December 23, 2010

Homemade Peppermint Bath Salts

I just found another fun, homemade recipe!! When winter hits and the temperatures drop I have a hard time getting warm. I love to end the day with a relaxing bath, some chocolate and a good book. Why not try this simply, festive bath salt recipe that will help boost your mood and reduce fatigue?

Ingredients ~

1/2 cup Epsom salt
1/4 teaspoon peppermint oil *
1 drop red food color (optional)
The magical creation ~

First grind the salt into a fine powder and pour into mixing bowl. (Hint: A coffee grinder or a mortar and pestle work wonderfully for this!) Then simply add the remaining ingredients. Stir well and let it dry overnight. Store your new bath salts in a sealed jar. Makes 4 ounces.

To use ~
Add 1 tablespoon to bath water and enjoy!

* Why chose Peppermint besides it’s obvious delicious scent? Peppermint oil, originally from Europe, is often referred to as the “world’s oldest medicine.” As hard as it is to imagine, the world has been using the oil for almost ten thousand years! Such uses range broadly from removing ticks to soothing the common stuffy nose. This recipe also makes a wonderful gift for your loved ones!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I just found this fun homemade recipe for a Peppermint & Cucumber Face Mask. Take a break from the busy shopping season to relax and pamper deserve it!!!

Time to thaw out those chilly weather blues by winterizing your skin with this new do it yourself recipe. Peppermint when used as an infusion is much gentler than peppermint essential oil, while cucumber soothes and feeds the skin with silica.

Ingredients ~

1/2 of a fresh medium cucumber
5 ounces (150 ml) filtered tap/mineral water
1 packet peppermint tea
2 oz (60 ml) aloe vera juice
2 drops vitamin E oil
1 oz (30 ml) carrot juice (optional)

First, puree the cucumber using a blender. Next, prepare the peppermint tea using filtered water and allow it to steep for 3 minutes. Then combine with the rest of the ingredients and shake well.

The peppermint, when used as an infusion in this blend, is much gentler than peppermint essential oil, while cucumber will help sooth and feed your skin silica.

When the mixture is ready, you can either rub it on your skin or even add it to your bath water.

Storage ~
Refrigerate the mixture [and keep it away from your beverages for obvious reasons! ] and it will stay good for at least 3 days. You can even toss it in your freezer for a quick skin reviving treatment through the summer months.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Christmas Special!!!

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Epsom Salts & Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are a potential side effect of hair removal, particularly in the bikini area. This condition occurs when the hair begins growing out and curls in on itself, growing under the skin instead of outward; this causes irritation, rash and redness. Untreated ingrown hairs can become infected.

Epsom Salt Soaks
An Epsom salt soak can help to draw out the ingrown hair because of the salt's active ingredient, magnesium sulfate. Add 1/4 cup salt to a tub of warm water and soak for 30 minutes.

Epsom Salt Scrub
Add 1/2 tsp. salt to 1 tbsp. body cream or oil and rub into the affected area. This will exfoliate the skin and should draw out the hair

Preventing Ingrown Hairs

Before shaving, thoroughly exfoliate the area with an Epsom salt scrub or a loofah. Alternatively, consider wax or depilatory hair removal methods that are less likely to create ingrown hairs.

If home treatments are unsuccessful or if the area is red or inflamed, consult your physician.


Do not use Epsom salts without first speaking to your doctor if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or a heart condition.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Special---Lashes!!!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Five Things to Keep Acne From Getting Worse!!

Five Things You Can Do Today to Keep Your Acne From Getting Worse

1. Break out the ice. Ice helps inflamed lesions from getting worse and often can make them go away. Cleanse your skin first, then get an ice cube (better yet - get a Styrofoam or Dixie cup and fill it up with water and freeze it) and ice your zits for a minute or two.

2. Stop eating peanut butter, peanuts and/or peanut oil. Peanuts contain a hormone in them that can make acne worse. If you love peanut butter, switch to unsalted almond butter - it doesn't have the same effect as peanuts.

3. Stop using fabric softener in the washer AND the dryer (the softener sheets). Fabric softener leaves a waxy residue on cloth - that's the softness that you feel. Unfortunately, that wax is getting on your skin while you sleep on that soft pillowcase and it's clogging your pores. And, don't think that fragrance free is any
better - it's the waxy residue, not the fragrance.

4. Get uniodized salt to use at home. Iodides are the culprit in the foods that you eat - it irritates the follicle walls and breaks you out.

5. Start taking zinc supplements. Research indicates that the best form to take is zinc monomethionine. But, don't take it on an empty stomach - eat first.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vitamin E and Eczema

More Vitamin E = Less Eczema?
Kids who eat lots of foods containing vitamin E may have a lower risk of the itchy skin condition called eczema, a new study in Japanese youngsters shows.
At the same time, foods rich in vitamin A don't seem to protect against allergies, despite earlier studies suggesting they do.
Dr. Masayuki Okuda of Yamaguchi University in Ube and colleagues measured the levels of substances in the blood that showed how much of the two vitamins children were likely eating. They focused on asthma and eczema because both are allergy-related conditions.
Among 396 10- and 13-year-old children, 240 of whom had eczema, wheezing, or asthma, the researchers found no relationship between a child's risk of any of the conditions and his or her blood levels of vitamin A-related compounds.
However, kids with the highest levels of vitamin E-related compounds were at 67% lower risk of eczema than those with the lowest. Even those with only moderately higher than average levels of the compound had a similarly lower risk.

Although the study does not prove there is any cause and effect at work, it was more precise than earlier research, the authors note, because previous studies relied on food questionnaires. Such surveys can be somewhat unreliable because they depend on memory.
Yellow, red and orange fruits are rich in vitamin A and related compounds, while vitamin E is found in vegetable oils, nuts, and whole grains.
There are no commonly agreed-upon standards for levels of such compounds in the blood, but the U.S. recommended daily allowance of vitamin A is 2,000 international units (IUs) for this age group. The recommended daily allowance of vitamin E in the same age group is about 16 IUs.
It's not clear why vitamin E would lower the risk of eczema, but Okuda and his colleagues suggest that its antioxidant and immune-boosting effects might play a role.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great Mascara Tip!!!!

Great Mascara Trick....This trick is so brilliantly simple for solving mid-day mascara messes that we had to share it with our Facebook fans. When refreshing lashes with another coat, avoid clumps by first wetting your fingers with water and then gently rubbing lashes. This will create a smooth surface for you to build... your next layer of mascara!!! Gotta love luscusious lashes!!!

Have a great sunny....springy day!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pro Secrets for Beautiful Skin - Vitamin C

If we had a $ for every derm who mentioned using a skin-care product w/vitamin C, we could buy an orange grove!! Haha!

Anyone that knows me, knows that Vit C is a favorite of mine when it comes to skin-care products. My favorite line is the Vital C line by Image SkinCare. One of my favorite facials is a Vitamin C chemical peel after microdermabrasion.

Vitamin C is a key ingredient needed to manufacture the collagen that keeps your complexion plump and smooth.

Listed below are some of the many, many other benefits that topical Vit C has on the skin:(I highlighted my favs)

Greater penetration to the epidermis and dermis, greater benefit
Neutralizes free radical damage caused by UV light, smoke, and air pollution
Allows skin cells to remain healthy and able to perform their necessary functions
Helps moisturize and increase skin hydration
Stimulates collagen production
Restores elasticity
Prevents premature skin aging
Protects against damaging
UVA and UVB rays
Reverses the appearance of photoaging
Decreases fine lines and wrinkles
Lightens and brightens the skin for more even tone
Fades brown spots

Helps reduce oiliness and restore sebum balance
Helps to normalize problem skin (pimples, blackheads, and other problems associated with oily skin)

If you are in the mood for a real treat...schedule a microdermabrasion followed by a Vitamin C peel.....your skin will thank you by glowing and making you look fabulous!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's a New Year....Give your Skin a Fresh Start!!!

When making a list of all your New Year's Resolutions this year...make sure your skin is at the top of the list!!!

Give your skin a "fresh start" this winter!!!

The holidays may be over, but stress-induced skin concerns like dullness and blemishes can last for weeks!

To refresh your skin...use a face mask!

Facial masks are more concentrated and stay on longer than lotions, so the active ingredients are able to penetrate deeper into the skin.

My favorite mask pick is, Vital C hydrating enzyme mask by Image Skincare.

Vital C is a hydrating mask that also gently exfoliates the build up of dull, dry skin. It uses vitamins A, C and E and promotes healthier, more radiant and youthful skin.

Favorite Treatment of the Month:

Relaxing Microdermabrasion Facial followed by a Vital C Mask! It feels so good especially during these cold and dry months!!!

Call now to schedule your pampering facial!!!!

Vital C Mask available for purchase at Simply Skin & Laser!