Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who Wants Luscious Lashes??? EVERYONE!!

Everyone loves beautiful lashes....they open your eyes and make you look more youthful. We have two easy ways to get luscious lashes...

Lash Extensions OR Newly released Revitalash Advanced

This summer make life easier by getting lash can either do a full set or sassy set of mink lashes. They are natural looking and perfect for someone who wants to hit the pool, gym or vacation this summer w/out the hassle of putting on eyemake-up. You wake up and "you're ready to go"!

Summer Lash Extension Special: $60 full set $40 sassy set or fill

If lash extensions aren't "your thing" the next best thing is Revitalash. They just released a new advanced version this month at the Esthetics Show in Las Vegas. You apply it everynight on lash line (or if you are kinda lazy like me, in the morning after my shower) and watch your lashes grow like you never thought they could!!! A tube lasts for about 5'll start to notice a difference in 2 weeks and in 6-8 weeks, wow, look out!!!! Add a lash tint and you're ready to go!!!

Summer Special on Revitalash $75 ($98 Value)

These specials are a limited time offer, so act quick. Call now to schedule a lash extension appt or order your tube of Revitalash!!!

Who says you can't look fabulous at Lake Powell while on the boat or camping in the Unitas!